Our quality, food safety and occupational health and safety policies are:
• To be a reliable and sought-after brand in the floury products sector,
• To follow market, consumer and sectoral developments closely,
• To increase market share in order to reach more consumers,
• To ensure maximum customer satisfaction by making continuous quality improvements in our products,
• To provide opportunities for our consumers to reach us whenever they want
• To increase the performances of our employees by providing motivation and job satisfaction,
• To ensure that the integrated management system works efficiently and that this awareness is given to employees,
• To aim for excellence consistently, to adopt continuous improvement and development as a corporate culture,
• To encourage performance and idea development approaches, to provide necessary support through trainings,
• To offer products that are consumed easily and can be sold easily and safely, with maximum sensitivity to consumer satisfaction and legal regulations,
• To be meticulous at every stage of production with the conscious of "quality first" and to produce each product by thinking "first human",
• To ensure production in accordance with the legal regulations in the field of bakery products,
• To ensure that our customers' suggestions for product safety are taken into account,
• To make hygienic, safe and high quality production in accordance with national and international standards, legal regulations, the requirements of the institutions of which we are members and customer requirements in all our activities,
• To take measures to minimize human health and damage to the environment, to evaluate the risks that can cause occupational diseases, health impairments and accidents, to improve working conditions,
• To protect employees' health, safety and the environment with the principle "No work can be as urgent and important as to put the environment and human health at risk"
• To meet the training needs of our employees, to contribute to personal developments, to increase employee satisfaction and quality, health security and environmental awareness,
• To ensure continuity of work work with the participation of our employees.




/ 500 g
/ 350 g
/ 350 g
/ 350 g
/ 250 g
/ 350 g
/ 250 g
/ 250 g
/ 250 g


Büyük Kayacık Mah. Konya Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 6. Sokak No: 6 42050 Selçuklu - Konya / TÜRKİYE
+90 332 239 21 01


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